Hornbaek Baltic is a manufacturer and exporter of high quality finger joint pine mouldings located near Riga, the capital of Latvia.

Company produces a broad product range of painted and unpainted mouldings for Scandinavian and Central Europe markets.


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Our company’s production process is in line with best practice.


Architraves adds final design details, elegance and architectural touch to doors. The same goes for windows mouldings – they are used to finish off the inside of a window with a decorative touch.


Skirtings boards will provide the perfect finishing touches to your flooring projects, both having practical use of covering the gaps between wall and floor and providing decorative element.


Cornices mouldings will suit both traditional and contemporaty style properties. It adds a finishing touch on a bright redo, sometimes it makes room feel more cohesive. These mouldings well serve to cover gaps and to give accemt to interior.


Wall mouldings are the perfect way to add character to interior emulating the property era or personal design aspirations. They are also a cost effective way to update the aesthetic of any interior living space.

How to install skirtings

Make sure you take down the measurements of your skirting boards accurately. Remember the rule of thumb, measure twice, cut once. Use the tape measure to work out the lengths you need your skirting boards to be….

Skirting boards for floor

Small details can make difference on interior – so it’s important to put time into choosing elements so that surroundings ensured the desired result. Appearance of skirting boards can affect the entire ambiance of the building.

Mouldings application and product quality

Mouldings are both interior element and has a practical use to cover spacing between two surface. For instance, it allows to cover the gap between wood floor and wall, so that wood floor could expand and contract. Ceiling mouldings will dress up the juncture between the wall and ceiling. Window and door mouldings will cover the gap and protect the walls.

Finger joint mouldings

Hornbaek Baltic produces finger joint mouldings of pine. Finger joint technology ensures that product is of highest quality surface without any branches. Also, this ensures the flexibility of material,. i.e., easier application to surfaces.

Environmentally friendly paint

Paint used for products are water based meaning that it is more environmentally friendly for indoor premises unlike asid based paint which evaporates micro particles in the air.

White painted mouldings

Company has been historically focused on Scandinavian markets where white color is an integral part of interior. Moreover, it serves as light agent in darker seasons. Nowadays, white painted mouldings are becoming more and more popular in all the world as interior design element.

Smooth surface

Know how technology enables white painted mouldings surface to look like plastic in regard to surface. It has no cracks, no fibers, no defects. This is achieved by double rigidius control of product.

FSC certified timber

This ensures that products are made by timber that comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

About Us

Hornbaek Baltic A/S is a manufacturer and exporter of finest quality white painted finger joint pine mouldings located near Riga, the capital of Latvia. With experience of nearly 30 years, we produce a broad product range of painted and unpainted mouldings for Scandinavia and markets in Central Europe.

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