About us

Hornbaek Baltic A/S

is a manufacturer and exporter of finest quality white painted finger joint pine mouldings located near Riga, the capital of Latvia. With experience of nearly 30 years, we produce a broad product range of painted and unpainted mouldings for Scandinavia and markets in Central Europe.

Hornbaek Baltic A/S is a subsidiary company of Hornbaek A/S, which is a modern Danish manufacturing company that produces wooden products of high quality, design, environmental safety and functionality for the building industry. Hornbaek A / S is owned by JPS Marselis A / S , which aims to invest in well-run companies with active ownership and increased value added in mind. Company combines the efficiency of modern technology with the best craftsmanship in wood production to be able to meet customers and our own expectations of products of the highest quality standards. With 75 years of experience in mouldings production, we have large expertise to satisfy customer needs.


To ensure the highest quality of Hornbaek mouldings, we use state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment produced in Germany, Italy, Sweden and the United States. Majority of production machinery is less than five years old. Technologies are manufactured by Triab, Makor, Weinig, TM System, KUKA etc.

Key facts

  • Established in 1992

  • Stuff 100

  • Certificates FSC and Indoor climate

  • Headquarters Randers, Denmark